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Marine Seal 033

Resealing your keel?

Bedding in Windows?




2-part synthetic rubber putty

easy to use – hand grade

no specialist tools required
1.5 Litre Pack (Equivalent to 5 tubes of sealant)
A pack will give a 10mm x 10mm bead 15metres long
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Marine Seal 033

Marine Seal 033£70.00   £46.95

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Application method for Marineseal 033.


1.     Ensure all surfaces to be treated are dry and clean.


2.     Lightly abraid the surfaces to be sealed using wet and dry abrasive paper and wipe away ensuing dust.


3.     Only if you require the sealant to have a strong bond to the joint surfaces apply Primer 170 the joint surface and leave for 20 minutes to dry.


4.     Mix the Marineseal 033 thoroughly until a consistent uniform colour is achieved. Wear gloves and keep rubbing the talc on your hands to prevent the material sticking to your hands.


5.     Pack the Marineseal 033 into the joint configured to the basic shape of the required joint ensuring the sealant has no voids and has good contact with the joint surfaces.


6.     Bolt the flanges into place and leave to cure. 



·        Packers may be required to support the joint during cure.


·        Ensure the joint has at least 5mm depth.


·        Full cure at 20oC takes between 1 – 7 days, or longer in cold periods, depending on the temperature but the seal will be resistant to water immediately.


·        Should you require the seal to be an in-situ gasket then do not use primer and when the Marineseal 033 has cure tighten the bolt down fully. (You may wish to apply a sealant to the bolts to ensure no water seepage through the bolts.)