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Marine Seal 033

Marine Seal 033
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 Marine Seal 033Marine Seal 033 
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182 in stock, immediate despatch  

182 in stock, immediate despatch

Primer 170 25mlPrimer 170 25ml





Marineseal is an easy to handle. Two-part rubber based, cold curing sealant suitable for many applications in the marine industry.


The two components, which are of similar viscosity, are easily mixed by hand. The soft dough thus formed remains easy to handle, gun or knife for several hours, but partially cures within two days and fully cures in seven to fourteen days.


Marineseal has excellent adhesion to most materials is resistant to ultra violet and natural weathering and accommodates movement and stress over a wide temperature range.



Marineseal also finds many uses in the marine industry, particularly in the bedding of fittings both above and below the water line, bedding portholes, deckhatches and keels. Also bedding of deck to hull and of rubbing strips and glazing.



All surfaces should be dry and free from dust, grease, bitumen and any other contaminant.

Trade Sealants Cleaner No. 071 may be used for degreasing glass, rebate and bead. The compatibility of Marineseal with wood preservatives should be checked and painted surfaces should be dry and sound.


Prime all surfaces with Primer 170. The Primer should be allowed to dry for at least 15 minutes and the Marineseal applied within four hours to the primed surface, which must be free from dust, moisture or any contamination.


Mixing: Equal quantities of Part A and B should be mixed until an even colour is obtained.

Mixing is easily performed by kneading the two components on a board dusted with industrial talc, which should also be used to prevent the material sticking to the hands.


Application: The mixed material should be applied before it starts to cure, i.e. while it is still plastic, which is normally within four hours but can be shorter at high ambient temperatures. The material may be applied by hand.


Finishing: Excess material should be removed immediately after use using a sharp tool and the smears of Marineseal removed using a rag moistened in hot water.


Marineseal will retard the drying and cause discolouration of many decorative paints and is affected by some timber preservatives containing organic solvents applied after glazing.





Viscosity                               Glazing grade-soft pliable dough

Location                                 Interior or exterior

Sea Water Resistance          Excellent above and below the Waterline

Solvent Resistance              Good to intermittent contact with Chlorinated solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons and petrol.

Chemical Resistance            Good to mild acids and alkalis

Resistance to U.V.                Violet Light Excellent

Temperature Range              In service continuous        -20°C to +80°C

                                                Intermittent                           -30°C to +100°C

                                                During application               +5°C to +30°C

Shrinkage                              Negligible

Slump Characteristics          Non-flow

Staining Characteristics      Non-staining

Shelf Life                               Six months at temperatures below 20°C

Specific Gravity                    1.54

Application Life + Cure       The application life and curing time of the mixed sealant is dependent

Time                                       on temperature, a fall in temperature increasing cure time. At temperatures lower than those shown below, the application life and cure time will be considerably extended.



Variation in Cure Properties with Temperature


Maximum Properties            20 days at 15°C                     15 days at 20°C

Partial Cure Time                  68 hours                                 6 hours

Application Life                   48 hours                                 36 hours




There are no known health hazards associated with the use of Marineseal. If any of the material adheres to the skin it should be removed with a suitable skin cleanser.


Every endeavour has been made to ensure the information given herein is true and reliable, but it is given only for the guidance of our customers. No responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage arising from misuse of our products or in any application over which we have no control.






1.        Ensure all surfaces to be treated are dry and clean.

2.        Lightly abraid the surfaces to be sealed using wet and dry abrasive paper and wipe away ensuing dust.

3.        Only if you require the sealant to have a strong bond to the joint surfaces apply Primer 170 the joint surface and leave for 20 minutes to dry.

4.        Mix the Marineseal 033 thoroughly until a consistent uniform colour is achieved. Wear gloves and keep rubbing the talc on your hands to prevent the material sticking to your hands.

5.        Pack the Marineseal 033 into the joint configured to the basic shape of the required joint ensuring the sealant has no voids and has good contact with the joint surfaces.

6.        Bolt the flanges into place and leave to cure.





·         Packers may be required to support the joint during cure.

·         Ensure the joint has at least 5mm depth.

·         Full cure takes between 1-7 days depending on the temperature but the seal will be resistant to water immediately.

·         Should you require the seal to be an in-situ gasket then do not use primer and when the Marineseal 033 has cure tighten the bolt down fully. (You may wish to apply Universal Marine bedding sealant to the bolts to ensure no water seepage through the bolts.)

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