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Vapour Guard


Damp floors or walls......?????.......look no further




as  used by National Damproofing Companies

is now been made available for the DIY market.


Fully detailed instructions included

inexpensive – Easy to use - Safe



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Vapour Guard Clear Primer-Sealer

Vapour Guard Clear Primer-Sealer£140.00   £119.00

Vapour Guard Colour System

Vapour Guard Colour System£150.00   £125.00

Page 1 of 1:    2 Items



1) Vapourguard is a two part epoxy paint which has been dispersed in water.  When fully cured, using as a finished system or membrane, it provides a tough, colourful, tile-like, vapourproof waterproof impervious system with a silk finish. 


2) Vapourguard must not be applied at temperatures below 5oC or under conditions of very high humidity.  Where these cannot be avoided, electric warm air blowers should be employed together with good ventilation. 

It is better to apply successive coats of colour during the day avoiding evening applications, especially during the winter months.  This is because condensation levels may rise dramatically at night. Such condensation will result in curtaining or running of the paint as if it has been exposed to rain.  Not to be used on rendered surfaces with waterproofing additive where moisture ‘beads up’ not allowing the Vapourguard to penetrate the sub-strate. 


3) Coverage At best a rate of  9 square metres per litre can be obtained on a smooth surface of average porosity, giving approximately 55-60 microns D.F.T.  6 square metres per litre is typical for Vapourguard Barrier Coat on a porous surface.


4) Storage Store in a cool, but frost-free area.   Shelf Life Normally 12 months.


5) Surface Preparation The surface to be painted must be thoroughly clean and free from oil, dirt and any loose powders.  Repair any damaged mortar joints and fill any holes or cracks.  Open blockwork should be surface-filled with a cement based filler.  Glossy surfaces must be rubbed down and old paint should be removed.  All moulds and algae must be removed (use Trade Sealants Concrete Cleaner).  Any areas of rusted steelwork should be treated with Rust Conversion Primer. Thoroughly wash any dirty surfaces down with Sugar-Soap. Surfaces can remain damp but running water must not be present. 


6) Mixing Mix the Vapourguard by emptying the contents of the smaller pot into the larger and stir well with an impeller attached to a drill for about 2 minutes.  Then decant into a separate container prior to application to avoid unmixed material from the sides and bottom of the tub being applied. 


7) Pot Life Once mixed Vapourguard has a pot life of 2 hours at ordinary temperatures (10-20oC) and must be used within this period.  When ordering materials it is important to select pack size accordingly. 


8) Dilution Supplied ready for use and should not require further dilution unless using the Clear Barrier Coat which can be diluted with up to 10% cold water, particularly useful to aid coverage and application on very porous dry surfaces.


9) Application Methods Apply Vapourguard by brush or roller. Short pile lambswood or mohair rollers are ideal.  Use a longer pile of lambswool roller on rough surfaces.  Care should be taken when laying off.  It is important to achieve recommended coverage rates. 


10) Equipment Care We recommend that all equipment is rinsed through with cold water at regular intervals to prevent build-up of static.  When application is completed, immediately wash all equipment with cold water and detergent followed by a final rinse.  Any paint not washed away but left to cure will be very difficult to remove at a later stage. 


11) Drying And Curing At 15oC with moderate ventilation, Vapourguard will be touch dry overnight and follow-on coats can then be applied.  Follow-on coats can then be applied within three days, to achieve intercoat adhesion.  Full cure, maximum hardness and resistance to solvents as used in other paints and flooring adhesives etc. will be reached in approximately 5-10 days under normal drying conditions i.e. 10-20oC.


12) Hygiene And Safety Wear barrier cream or gloves when using Vapourguard.  This will prevent any discomfort to users with sensitive skin who may be irritated by epoxy resin compositions.  Wear goggles to avoid splashing in the eyes.  Wash hands thoroughly after use.      


 Important Notes


1) Make sure that surfaces are properly prepared.  Neglect of this job can lead to failure.  

2) Assess old paintwork carefully.  The adhesion and eventual performance of Vapourguard will be restricted by the quality of any previous paint. 

 3) Apply the Vapourguard System to the bare substrate where the ultimate performance is required.  Loose or friable surfaces must be removed, any holes made good, mortar joint must be repaired if weak and the surface should be vacuumed over to remove dust & debris.

 4) Try a test patch of Clear Barrier Coat to confirm adequate adhesion and compatibility, if the concrete or cement surface is known to contain an integral water-proofing agent. 

 5) If Vapourguard is used on surfaces known to contain additives loss of adhesion may occur.  Waterproof additives are not required in new renders or screeds on which the Vapourguard system is to be used.

 6) Do not use below 5oC nor where running water or condensation occurs.    

 7) Do not attempt to break-down the packs. 

 8) Make sure that all contents of the base and hardener pots are thoroughly mixed.  Inadequate mixing will lead to soft, uncured patches. 

 9) Do not exceed the quoted coverage rates.  Performance and opacity are dependent on the correct film thickness being applied.

 10) When using rollers be extra careful not to lay off excessively.  This can create shadowing and grinning.

 11) Vapourguard is not a high decorative product on very porous substrates i.e. new dry plaster and dark painted surfaces it is advisable to use an additional coat to achieve the ultimate finish.


12) If a Vapourguard surface is to be wallpapered, tiled or further painted ensure the Vapourguard is fully cured. (Water-based emulsions can be applied after the initial set (24hours)). 

 13) Do not use Vapourguard as a finish to Gypsum Plasters if they are subject to constant dampness from behind - the plaster may eventually fall off the wall. 

 14) Do not use Vapourguard on both faces of a solid wall suffering from rising dampness the dampness will quickly appear at the top of the wall.  

 15) Care should be taken when using Vapourguard in water retaining situations.  Please refer to our Technical Department if in doubt about the most suitable system. 

 Contact our Technical Service Department if you remain in doubt as to the

suitability of this product.