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Vapour Guard Colour System

Vapour Guard Colour System
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55 in stock, immediate despatch  

55 in stock, immediate despatch



The Water Based Epoxy Paint


Available in: A tough flooring grade and protective, decorative wall grade.


A permanent way to waterproof and protect.



What is Vapourguard?

A water-based epoxy coating, which will totally waterproof and protect damp building surfaces forming a tough, durable finish.


What does it do?

Is the latest in water-based epoxy technology designed to be painted directly onto damp problem surfaces, provided they are clean and sound. There are no solvents therefore, little or no smell and no inflamability problems. A minimum two coat system will provide a totally waterproof/vapourproof membrane on to which most ordinary paints, tiles, renders, screeds, and plasters etc can be applied: however finishing with Vapourguard offers the ultimate in surface protection on walls and floors.


Why is it so special?

Vapourguard is not just a paint, it is a tough ‘working’ epoxy membrane which becomes a part of the structure to which it is applied. If applied correctly in accordance with manufacturers instructions it will perform over many years. Our experience and testing has shown us that a life of 14 years would not be unreasonable.


The types available are:

  1. Clear Barrier Coat
  2. Standard Silk Finish
  3. Tough Flooring Grade


Vapourguard ‘Clear Barrier’ Coat:

Clear Barrier Coat is a very versatile product which, for many membrane applications is all you will need to provide a waterproof barrier. It goes straight onto damp services and unlike conventional waterproofers, waiting for these to dry out is positively discouraged! Vapourguard Clear Barrier Coat us a universal and useful product. Some of these are as follows:

a)       As a primer/sealer coat on very porous substrates before applying the Vapourguard finish.

b)       To help stabilize surfaces if high alkalinity.

c)       As a barrier coat over solvent sensitive surfaces to prevent bleeding.

d)       To allow the adhesion of solvent based finishes and adhesives when they are used over damp or suspect damp substrates ie. Where no DPM is present or where one is damaged.

e)       To aid the adhesion of waterbased products such as emulsions onto glazed tile surfaces.

f)        As a stabilizer over existing, old porous coatings particularly in water retaining situations.

g)       As an ‘antigraffiti’ coat to porous substrates.

h)       To achieve a gloss finish over the colour system.


One coat of Vapourguard Clear is not normally going to give a completely waterproof finish especially on very porous surfaces and to achieve this you must use a minimum two coats (ie. One coat clear diluted with 10% cold water plus another clear or colour coat etc.) The product is creamy in appearance on mixing and application but this disappears on drying. The product has a very slight amber shade not noticeable on darker surfaces. As with all epoxies the clear cannot normally be used for long term protection one external substrates. Please check with the technical dept.


Vapourguard Standard (Ideal in: Basements, cellars, vaults, on walls and ceilings).

To complete the system we offer just one all round paint finish for walls and ceilings. This must be applied over the Vapourguard Clear within 48 hours to ensure intercoat adhesion. Most people require an emulsion type finish on walls and ceilings and the standard silk Vapourguard is designed to do and this and a lot more!

Its main uses are:-

a)       As a coloured finishing coat over Vapour Clear Primer/sealer.

b)       Two coats will give a finish to a high decorative standard.

c)       To give a completely waterproof system which can be overcoated with conventional decorative paints if required.

d)       To act as a vapour barrier on ceilings.

e)       To treat damp patches on old walls before further decorating, ie. Wallpaper and titles etc.

Combining Vapourguard and other paint systems in an excellent way of achieving both a total protection and high decorative values in problem areas. If necessary quality Emulsions for instance can be applied over the Vapourguard within 48 hours, substantially improving the durability of the overall system and at the same time ensuring the surface is waterproof. Solvent based paints should only be applied after a minimum of 7 days to allow coating to cure thoroughly. Refer to data sheet.


Vapourguard Hygenic / Anti-Graffiti (Ideal in Dairies and kitchens, food, factories, abbatoirs, water retaining structures, pools, ponds etc.)

The standard silk finish is of great importance to those engaged in activities where hygiene and cleanliness of walls and ceilings is paramount. Not only does Vapourguard offer a practical tough, epoxy ‘tile lie’ finish, it can be used in factories and confined areas without problems of smell, tainting etc. Once cured the film will withstand constant washing and even high pressure hosing. The surface is so hard that bacteria build up, staining and dirt retention is minimal.

Its main uses as a hygienic finish are:-

a)       As a tough, soil resistant hygienic paint.

b)       A paint for ‘working’ walls and floots in dairies, food factories, abattoirs, milking parlours, breweries, radioactive decontamination plants etc.

c)       As an anti-graffiti finish in flats, subways and inner city areas.

d)       As a finish in shower and toilet blocks. Vapourguard must be applied in a 2 coat system to offer the best results. 


Vapourguard Floor Grade

Offers the builder and floorlayer a product which when used in conjunction with Vapourguard Clear will provide a total DPM replacement at a fraction of the price of removing the existing floor slab. It gives insurance to those faced with having to lay expensive flooring onto suspect damp concrete and avoids costly disruption. It also speeds up the finishing of new floors by providing a dry decorative surface.

Its main uses are:-

a)       A tough hardwearing chemical restraint floor coating.

b)       New or replacement DPM system on failed slabs.

c)       To act as a membrane over old adhesive before laying new flooring.


Vapourguard must be applied over the Clear Barrier Coat especially on porous substrates. It can be very effectively used in conjunction with self levelling compounds. It is only available in flooring colours, please refer to the Data Sheet for full details.


Vapourguard can also be used safely within the following environments:-

a)       Protective ‘safe’ system in tunnels and vaults.

b)       To control drying and provide a protective finish for ferro-concrete boat hulls.

c)       A waterproof non-toxic lining system for new concrete reservoirs, potable water tanks, swimming pools and fish ponds etc.

d)       Coating system for polystyrene to produce a hard protective finish.

For detailed product description please refer to individual data sheets available from the sales department.

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